Mother’s Day Special Episode 2018

I’m Diane McDaniel, and on today’s show we are talking about  Mother’s Day, a celebration to honor one’s mother, motherhood,  and the influence of mothers and maternal figures in society.

This crowdsourced episode includes ten different voices–Cynthia Boxrud, Louis Browning, Philippe Browning, Anna Chi, Catherine Davidson, Rory Green, Jessica McCrea, Diane McDaniel, Debi Pomerantz, and Abigail Wald–reflecting on what they are thinking about on this Mother’s Day.

One thought on “Mother’s Day Special Episode 2018

  1. Hi Diane:
    This was a very good show. I liked each story even though some left me pretty watery eyed. I so hope that your treatments have worked as they should and you are doing well. I was also happy to hear Phillippe, (Cousin in law) talk about his mom and family; very nice. Almost feels like I’ve met him now 🙂 The stories hit kind of hard as I sit here at my desk on the farm looking out at the snow covered cliffs to the north. This place where Grandma and Grandpa raised our aunts and uncles and so many relatives have visited and enjoyed over the decades. I think of all the stories which s/b told but have been or will be lost to time and it makes me sad for the loss of them. Being here with Mom is great and sad at the same time as she deals with the ravages of time.
    Thanks again Kiddo for this show, Bri

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