Richard Hoff and Schuyler Ha: Expanding the Definition of Family

Richard Hoff and Schuyler Ha share the story of their family, including the many logistics they worked out in order to bring their now 10-year-old daughter into being, the consideration they put into the structure and dynamics of their family, and the environment in which their daughter is being raised. They also talk about the gender dynamics at play in their roles as two male parents and how their personal experiences of otherness has helped them to coach their daughter in understanding the social challenges of her hearing loss and wearing hearing aids.

One thought on “Richard Hoff and Schuyler Ha: Expanding the Definition of Family

  1. I loved this! I listened to this because I had gotten to hear you speak at your most recent reading and was very moved. I also was intrigued to hear about two dads raising a girl as I don’t know of anyone personally who is doing this. I love how this couple wanted to extend their love and how they went about finding the blended surrogate. My mother is from Burma and my father European so I personally know how significant that mixing can be in one’s life. This interview made me 1) want to meet these incredible parents and their daughter and 2) subscribe to your channel. Thank you, Diane!

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