Cynthia Lim: A Sorrow That’s Always There

Cynthia Lim is author of the forthcoming memoir, Wherever You Are, which chronicles her journey after her husband suffered a cardiac arrest, resulting in brain injury. Cynthia talks about the challenges she faced to help her husband achieve a good quality of life, her determination to maintain normalcy for their sons, and what she misses from her relationship with her husband prior to his disability. She also talks about how writing has helped her to understand her experience and also how painful it was to re-read her journals as she wrote her memoir.

One thought on “Cynthia Lim: A Sorrow That’s Always There

  1. The awareness you are bringing to people who have had to deal with such incredibly tough situations is wonderful. It’s helpful to hear from those who have or are going thru such things what they find helpful and not helpful. I am sure everyone’s intent is to be there for that person regardless of how it is expressed and yet to know what to say in such situations is eye opening. Thank you for diing these interviews Diane. Thank you to Mrs Lim for sharing her story.

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